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    Virtual Secretarial Services - Unbeatable Quotes

    VSS Virtual Secretarial Services™ is a fully registered and insured family run business, based in the North East of England, who have consistently provided efficient, professional secretarial support and transcription services to companies of all sizes as well as individuals, since 2001. The owner and Sole Trader, Helena Stawicki, has over thirty years experience working in business administration, in the educational sector and in more recent years, in the legal sector.

    VSS Virtual Secretarial Services™ is a member of the Transcription Society.

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    VSS Virtual Secretarial Services™ is the cheapest professional online secretarial service in the UK - our quotes are unbeatable, comparisons with competitors are regularly made. We strongly advise YOU to do the same!

    Unlike some competitors, we do not charge for paper supplied. Telephone calls made on your behalf are also free and you can have extra copies of your work free of charge, your work is stored and sent to you on CD or DVD, postage is free, all in all, there are NO hidden charges! Work can even be collected if you are in the locality, free of charge! Our consistently popular promotional offers and keeping the cost to a minimum are of paramount importance to us, which is largely why
    VSS Virtual Secretarial Services™ has gone from strength to strength since 2001!

    There are promotional offers available throughout the year and there is also an automatic discount for students and low income earners - See Price Structure page for further information. Your business is important to us so bulk workload can even be offered on a one job, one fee basis instead of on our usual competitive rate, see 'Promotions' for further details or contact us today to discuss your requirements.

    No job is too small or too big - pre book now and be assured your work will be top priority!

       Key Benefits

       Rapid Response  
           High quality support
    Immediate Admin cover

     No Training Required

    100% Accuracy
       Cost Effective.......

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    Leaving you time to get on with more important things than paperwork!